About Us

Who we are

Schacht One is the dedicated pioneer for digital innovation within the Haniel Group. We identify, validate, and incubate digital opportunities to evolve revenue and establish new sources of income.

We lead Haniel’s business units through their digital journeys – as a trusted and fully aligned partner, not a service provider. Innovation projects need room to evolve and that’s exactly what Schacht One provides for its customers. Our open offices foster communication, while integrated work spaces allow focused group sessions. Workshops and events find their natural home in our offices.

Schacht One opened its doors in April 2016. From the very beginning we had a steep learning curve, working and learning in more than 30 different projects with Haniel’s business units. Schacht One stands for innovation, perseverance, and authenticity!

How we do it

We understand ourselves as the guides within our customers’ digital journeys. We don’t define beginning and end but provide the best route into the unknown. Employing methods such as design-thinking, lean startup, and crowdsourcing, we help our customers to stay on track in the digital age. We do, we try, we learn, we improve – together with our customers. Due to that we define three different cornerstones in our strategy:

Digital Projects & Ventures

Digital Projects are our core business from the beginning. We support our customers with digital expertise, new work methods and a wide-ranging toolset, to gain the best possible outcome in our projects. Successful products and services make it to our wall of fame. To make sure they get up there, we developed a unique five stage process: Search – Exploration – Validation – Incubation – Acceleration.

Digital Framework & Strategy

To meet all requirements of the digital transformation we are always on the move to find best practices for our customers and their digital journey. With help of the maturity model we are working on a unique digital strategy for the Haniel business units and support them to analyse their digital business opportunities in every way we can.


Network & Knowledge

Our aim is not only to support our customers with their project incubation, but also to transfer our knowledge and share our network of potential partner with them. We want to broaden our network to leverage digital capabilities within our customers companies and speed up digital transformation. We see ourselves as trend and tech scouts for our customers and use various ways to share this information.

Where we do our magic

We are located at the Zollverein UNESCO World Heritage Site in the heart of the future Startup scene at the Metropolis Ruhr. Some 165 years ago, Franz Haniel laid the foundation for the industrialization of the Ruhr by mass-mining coveted fat coal at Pit 1 of the Zollverein mine. At Schacht One, we now mine the fuel for growth in the future: “digital ideas”.
Here at Zollverein, we combine modern startup culture with the industrial charm of the region. A protected space for crazy ideas, agile processes, action, and fun. The digital lighthouse within the Haniel group.

Workspace Schacht One
Workspace Schacht One
Workspace Schacht One

Schmiede Zollverein

Schmiede Zollverein will make the knowledge, methods and contents of Schacht One available to the external market in close partnership. The aim is to promote the digital future of small and medium-sized enterprises and institutions in a collaborative, practice-oriented and down-to-earth manner.

With practical solutions and a cross-sector ecosystem of experienced partners and experts, the Schmiede Zollverein, together with its customers, will successfully identify and implement the opportunities of digital transformation.

Schmiede Zollverein means: Making digitalization successful!

Schmiede Zollverein