Introducing: fello

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fello is the online workwear solution for all crafts. Developed by the Schacht One team and the newly founded BlueRise GmbH, fello offers easy and online access to high-quality boco workwear and laundry services to small and medium sized crafts businesses. Within minutes, a customer can become a “fello”. No lengthy sales processes, shopping trips, and administrative struggles needed.

To enable the quick and swift access to workwear, fello builds upon the established processes and extensive experience of its premium partner CWS-boco. Always keeping the customer’s perspective in mind. No matter whether all-inclusive rental model, uncomplicated purchase, or individual plan, fello finds the best solution for any crafts business. Besides a purchasing solution, fello offers monthly-terminable subscriptions to workwear and services, transparent pricing, and little to no paperwork, eliminating all barriers for the customer.

The approach: customer orientation

fello’s entire business model is grounded in customer orientation. Through the lean approach and MVP mindset, fello tries to focus solely on customer needs. Therefore, the team identified the most essential workwear products for crafts and shaped contract details to fit small and medium business requirements. To date, fello focuses on one line of workwear (boco’s ProfiLine), one distribution channel (online shop), and one customer target group (small and medium sized crafts businesses). The simple set-up allows the fello team to react to customer requests, test and validate new products and services, and move fast in an ever-changing online market.


Dr. Sebastian Schäfer

Dr. Sebastian Schäfer

Digital Project Manager