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“Mattenprofi – Läuft sauber.”

In cooperation with CWS-boco, Schacht One introduced “Mattenprofi” in May 2017. Mattenprofi is the online stop for dust-control-mat rental services. It translates the formerly complex rent model into an easy to understand, online bookable, and monthly terminable subscription plan. Its primary goal is to build an entirely new and web-based customer experience for shops, offices, restaurants, and other publicly accessible locations. You can check it out at

From workwear to mats

Mattenprofi is an excellent example for Schacht One’s iterative thinking and learning from failure approach: Initially, the project team launched a similar service for workwear, However, the simple subscription model did not generate sufficient traction in the target market (small craftsmen) to justify further investment. The team generated important learnings, iterated the product (workwear to mats), and refocused the target customer group (small craftsmen to small shop owners). Within days, Mattenpofi was born and the next learning cycle kicked off.

Testing the Mattenprofi story

Employing a simple landing page, the team found initial proof for the validity of the Mattenprofi online model. Within a few weeks Mattenprofi generated thousands of visitors and showed promising click-through-rates. Enough to make the decision to turn Mattenprofi into a full-fledged online service, including fulfillment in cooperation with the premium partner CWS-boco. The project team set up a WooCommerce online shop, designed the fulfillment process, and moved into their own offices. In September, Mattenprofi reached the customer acquisition threshold to leave the project stage and become a startup.

Incubating Mattenprofi

Since then, Mattenprofi became more and more independent from Schacht One. The team introduced a new web shop and online presence, hired two new colleagues, and steadily grows its customer base. Schacht One still remains part of the Mattenprofi story yet promotes its independency as a startup to internalize all learnings and know-how within the team.

What lies ahead?

Within the following months, Mattenprofi will have to show that it can compete in the dust-control-mat market. Therefore, the team will design scalable internal processes, further adjust the service offering to customer needs, and optimize customer acquisition. Once accomplished, there is nothing that keeps Mattenprofi from becoming the number one online stop for dust-control-mats.

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Sebastian Schäfer

Sebastian Schäfer

Digital Project Manager