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“Remetal – Rethinking Recycling”

Together with the ELG Haniel GmbH we launched “Remetal” in June 2017. It’s an online platform which aims at enabling maximum transparency along the supply chain while at the same time making the process of recycling fair to all stakeholders. In addition to that, it saves raw materials from landing in the waste bin and is mainly directed at households, craftsmen and small businesses. You can check it out at

Our way to the idea

The idea of an online platform for Scrap Metal Recycling originated from an ELG Innovation Initiative in February 2016. Over 35 different ideas for an online platform were generated. One of these ideas based on customer pain points was an online market place for Scrap Metals ( The prerequisites for establishing an online platform in the Scrap Metal market were given:  An extremely fragmented market and a high value added possible through new technologies. Schacht One supported ELG throughout the phases of exploration, validation, incubation and acceleration.

Building the solution

After having chosen the online scrap market place as one of the initiatives to be pursued we started with building a first clickdummy and going out in the field to speak to customers as well as scrap dealers. First market tests showed promising unit economics which led to ELG and Schacht One making the decision to follow through with the project, constantly iterating and learning along the way.

Go to market

In June 2017 we relaunched our former site under a new brand called One of our most important and hardest tasks was (and still is) to acquire certified Scrap dealers who are willing to partner with us. The Scrap industry is still very “analogue” and builds on personal relationships. Our aim is to transfer this feeling of “knowing who you are working with” to a digital world where a platform guarantees trustworthiness.

Current situation and steps ahead

I currently support the Remetal team in operations and product management topics. This means my team and I constantly work on further development and execution of our business strategy. My job is really to build a motivated and high performing team in order to reach our weekly, monthly and yearly KPI’s.

Our mode of operation is based on Eric Ries’ Lean Startup principle meaning we constantly go through the “build – measure – learn” cycle. This very data-driven approach enables us to iterate by making hypotheses and testing these on a weekly basis. We all have this mindset of failing fast small-scale in order to succeeding faster large-scale. This of course implies loads of admin work but also team coordination, defining work packages, planning the next and reviewing the last sprint. Through our customer-centric approach we are in constant dialogue with our customers on both sides of the platform in order to focus on the features which really bring value to our customers. Based on this user feedback we then focus on building features for our service offering. Together with our development team we prioritize features and focus on learning as much as fast as we can. Currently we are working on tackling the “first-mile-problem”, picking up scrap directly from the customers in order to accelerate and professionalize the early stages of the value chain, bringing more material to trusted recycling partners.

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Oliver Matten

Oliver Matten

Digital Projektmanager