We see ourselves as a talent hub for our partners and the Haniel business units. Accordingly, you can not only find jobs at Schacht One on our website, but additionally interesting and exciting job openings from our ventures.
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Work @ Schacht One
Work @ Schacht One

Job offers

Workplace and Culture

Schacht One feels like a startup with corporate DNA. Of course, we have table-tennis and a foosball table and of course, we don’t wear suits and ties, and yes, our office looks cool. However, since we are a substitute of Haniel, we still care a great deal about “corporate challenges”. We are startup and corporate rolled into one – something unique for sure.
At Schacht One, you will have the opportunity to gain in-depth insights into the (digital) challenges of various business models. Our mission is not generating the highest profit but helping our customers to succeed on their journey. Our unique positioning in the Haniel group creates intrinsic motivation in the project teams and trust into our approach at the same time. We don’t expect 16-hour work shifts – we push for self-responsibility.

Work @ Schacht One
Work @ Schacht One

Bring in Your Expertise

Digital transformation, obviously, is driven by digital technologies. We see such technologies as enablers for new business opportunities. To access cutting edge tech and competencies in all phases of our customers’ digital journeys, we foster and constantly grow an excellent network of skilled partners.

However, we also learned that some in-house tech and design skills make us faster, more agile, and competent. Especially, UX/UI design, online marketing, and web platform architecture challenges are important vehicles in our journey. We don’t need an armada of programmers. But we need people with a broad and profound understanding of digital topics and technologies.

In our believe, team work is the key – making your personal fit the most crucial job requirement. Aside from our professional passion for change and innovation, we still want to have a lot of fun together. As a member of the Schacht One team, you are more than a small cog in the wheel – you have the opportunity to create impact on the digital journey of the Haniel group.

Work @ Schacht One
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