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Together with KAISER+KRAFT we launched “Prüfplaner” in March 2017. It’s a SaaS Application to administrate statutory inspections. You can check it out at

Our way to the idea

On our way to digital transformation at KAISER+KRAFT we started with an exploration among medium sized KAISER+KRAFT customers buying storage equipment. Our goal was to find out about their problems and their needs. We found out that many of them struggled with a vast amount of statutory inspections. Most of them have to inspect different forklifts, ladders, elevators, fire extinguisher or electric devices and most of these inspections are handled by different external service providers. This means that the customers have to deal with plenty of different intervals, appointments and service providers. We saw a big opportunity to find a way to simplify this process.

Building the solution

To solve this problem, we decided to build a product that includes all the different inspection in one application. For the first draft, we only added the most necessary functionalities for the customers, which gave us the chance to test if our idea stands a chance against other solutions in the market with little invest. This phase was filled with many discussions about concept, necessary functionalities and the best way to build our product to fit the customers’ needs. We decided to call our new solution “Prüfplaner”.

Go to market

We launched Prüfplaner on 20th March 2017. It was a big day for all of us, but also the start of the real work: We needed to raise attention to our product and reach out to our potential customers. Due to that we started a variety of initiatives and tested several channels. In May 2017 we finally sold Prüfplaner to our first customer and since then the number of customers is constantly growing. A big thank you to everyone who already tested and bought Prüfplaner!

Current situation and steps ahead

Prüfplaner already finished a successful MVP stage, which for sure had its ups and downs. To broaden our customer base, new functionalities, like multi-site or individual product categories, are currently added. The responsibility for Prüfplaner now completely lies at a KAISER+KRAFT team. We as Schacht One mainly act as a sparring partner to discuss certain developments and ideas.

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Florian Kunz

Florian Kunz

Digital Project Manager