Niklas Jahn

Digital Project Assistant

“Curious learner”
“It’s not about the shoes, it’s about what you do in them“– Michael Jordan

Not the smartest, not the bravest, rather a junior than a senior, not a super hard late night worker, oddly structured, always just in time production, love to get lost in detail, passionate cyclist, save my files on the desktop, small-talk no but having deep dive conversations absolutely yes, like to relentlessly pushing new ideas, enthusiastic maker, passionately curious about everything,

I was born and raised in Braunschweig and chose the Ruhrpott as my new home and did not regret it. Currently completing my Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the university of Wuppertal and supporting the project managers at Schacht as a working student. Do not hesitate to drop me a message.